a song cycle about bees 

a fund that tops up musicians' travel costs if they choose to travel overland to a concert abroad instead of flying
a musicians' "halls of residence" in central London to allow musicians to live outside London, work in London and stay the night after the concert.

It would be set up with generous sponsorship from God knows where and maintained in part by musicians' yearly / monthly / weekly subscriptions

Complete with practice rooms, wifi, good coffee, herb garden
no neo-nicotinoids and minimal use of pesticides, and particularly no genetically modified Monsanto monocultures designed to be the only living thing to resist the Monsanto weedkillers and pesticides they are sprayed with

set up a local composting service to support a local community growers' association, all food collected on push-bikes with trailers, and composted efficiently in wormeries
a world in which everyone is just a tiny bit more like David Attenborough

perform (I'd probably opt for the cello part) in a Beethoven piano & cello sonatas cycle on historical instruments
(all seven - thanks for the inspiration, Mats Lidstrom)

Play more Haydn quartets

perfect the veggie scotch egg

play keys in an amateur trad jazz band
(possibly with jazz theorbo and gut string bass - still keen, Alex McCartney and Carina Cosgrave?!)

grow a pineapple

bring back duelling in Hyde Park (this time with supersoakers) between ungrateful critics and proud musicians  
an anthem for First Nations

keep bees like this man does

strong, enlightened, compassionate and wise world leaders

biodegradable plastic

Like an idea?